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Simple Actions to Form a Habit

Do you struggle with seeing an idea come to fruition? Do you struggle with goals and resolutions?

All you need to do is form a habit. All it takes to form a habit is 21 days. All you need is a habit tracker to list the things you would like to see the things you want for yourself. Check out the habit tracker (you can download it for free) on our website. Or we can email it to you!

Here are some habit ideas:

Bring new life to meals … try a new recipe. Mix things up using a different produce. Make it a habit to try something new each week or each month. Eat for health!

Do 10 minutes of exercise. Exercise boosts your well-being no matter how long you do the act. Just do it - make it a habit to reap benefits.

Catch up with a friend. Close relationships are powerful and they improve your health! You might find you have a lot in common with a new person at work. Or you might find that you have something to learn from that new person at your workout place. Make it a habit to reach out to someone each week or each month.

Hydrate your body! Drinking water is important and beneficial for good health. Fill up your bottle each time you take a bathroom break. Drink for life.

If you sit a lot - make it a habit to move or at least stand. Try a standing desk. Set an alarm to move and stretch your limbs every 90 minutes. You need to move and clear you mind. Watch your posture and take note of weak spots - do you slouch? Hunch forward? Be aware of tiny shifts you can do to align your spine. Gently move your shoulders up and down and back a bit. Make sure your ankles are not crossed and feet are flat on the ground. Visit a chiropractor regularly to make sure your spine is aligned.

List the things you want to see happen to you and for you. List them out on the habit tracker. Check the box each time you complete a simple action. Soon you will reap the benefits of habit!

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