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Mindful Eating

The weather is nice, spring has sprung, and your body says "move, feed me well"! This time of the year it's easy to be a little more mindful while eating your meal and taking care of your body. Here are a few guides to help you along the way.

  1. Have a routine and a quiet space to eat. Disconnect from technology and other external stimuli. Sit at the table where you can enjoy space along with your meal.

  2. Use your hunger and body sensations as a guide as to when you are really hungry. Is your tummy grumbling? Eat when you are truly hungry.

  3. Prepare a meal of color! Fresh fruits and veggies are full of color whereas processed foods tend to lack vibrancy. Eat color.

  4. Take smaller portions to begin your meal because you can always go back for seconds! Use the palm of your hand as a size-guide. Small is a good size.

  5. Take time to really taste and savor your food. Take 3 mindful bites of each food item and notice the smell, color, texture and finally complete taste. Rest your fork with each bite and savor.

  6. Close your eyes if you like. Can you discriminate the texture as well as the taste of each food? Can you separate the smell from the taste? Do you have a unified experience of the smells, textures and tastes?

Eating mindfully is a practice. The more often you can follow these guidelines, the more often you will truly enjoy your meal.

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