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Meditation and yoga

Updated: Nov 2, 2017

Mindful yoga calms your body, mind and spirit before meditation or any time you want to relax. There are several postures and movements that work particularly well.

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“[Choose] a sequence that emphasizes balance: on your hands, hands and knees, standing on one leg, as well as when moving the spine in all directions -- forward, backward and sideways.” -- Cyndi Lee, International Yoga Teacher and Writer

Here are some yoga movements recommended by Cindi Lee (in this order):

  • Hand walking meditation

  • Finding balance on all fours.

  • Cow pose.

  • Cat pose.

  • Standing up.

  • Shoulder rotations

  • Side bends

  • Chair pose

  • Leg bends

  • Stand quietly.

I'll be teaching Mindful Yoga in Hudson. Check my classes page.

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