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Loving Kindness + Compassion Meditation

Let us end February, the month of love, with the Loving-Kindness and Compassion meditation, a beautiful, loving way to honor others and yourself.

Start by getting comfortable and relaxed. You can do this meditation sitting, standing, kneeling, or laying down. When you feel safe and comfortable, gently close your eyes, and focus inward on your breathing. Notice your chest moving in and out, up and down with each breath you take. Relax your face, relax your jaw, relax your neck and shoulders. Breathe into your torso and relax all your body organs. As you breathe in, move your awareness down each arm and each leg. Notice how you relax your body all on your own. Take one breath in and one breath out.

Next, think of somebody that you genuinely care about. Say the following statements of loving affirmation while holding that person in your mind:

  • I hold you in peace.

  • May you be happy.

  • I see you safe and secure.

  • I behold you in the brightest light.

  • You are loved, and you are strong.

Now think of somebody who has helped you in some way. You may know this person, or you may not. Think of a time when someone has helped you, and say the following statements of loving affirmation:

  • Thank you for _______.

  • You are blessed and happy.

  • You are safe and secure.

  • You are bathed in love.

Think of all the people that you work with or spend time with each day. Bring them into your mind with loving awareness and with the following statements:

  • May you be happy.

  • May you be safe.

  • May you be healthy and strong.

  • I give you peace and love.

After reveling in this kind and compassionate meditation, bring your focus back to the present. Begin by taking larger breaths in and exhaling more fully. Replace that restful breathing with a more energy-controlled breath. When you are ready, you may open your eyes and rise.

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