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Gracias, Merci, Danke sehr, Thank you

Gratitude, Gracias, Merci, Danke sehr, Thai Khop Khun Mak Kha, Grazie, thank you. Expressing gratitude is one of the best mindfulness practices you can do. Being thankful opens energy doors for more blessings to come your way. Here are 7 good reasons that you should say "thank you" a little more often:

  1. You will feel better. It's true - the happiness you give someone else, with your words of gratitude or a simple smile, increase hormones that boost your own internal happiness scale.

  2. You will think of others a little more often and not be so focused on yourself.

  3. You will sleep better. Hormones we produce, such as dopamine, help you calm and settle yourself, making sweet dreams come a little easier.

  4. People will like you more. People like to feel valued, and giving a nod of gratitude strengthens your bond with others. Make sure your partner knows how much you appreciate them.

  5. What you give is what you get. The more you give out in being gracious - the more it will come back to you. This is scientifically proven and helps others because your gratitude is contagious. You give to others, and not only will you get back, but they will give too.

  6. Your physical health will improve. Grateful people experience fewer aches and pains, and they report feeling healthier than other people, according to a 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences. Not surprisingly, grateful people are also more likely to take care of their health. They exercise more often and are more likely to attend regular check-ups with their doctors, contributing to longevity.

  7. Being thankful increases empathy and reduces aggression. Good to practice a little thankfulness before you head out into morning and weekend traffic!

Being thankful is based on and reinforces values such as respect, responsibility, and generosity. Small, grateful acts every day can uplift us, make a difference for others, and help change the world.

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