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Goal Getting

Goal getting means you already did the goal setting. Here's a follow-up to the previous post. A little more journaling: write next to each highlight something you did to move forward or maybe you realized you didn’t need to move forward (yes, that can be a highlight) or maybe you (today) see something you can do to expand the highlight. Maybe the highlight is something you need to be done with. This journal process is getting your creative and inspiration juices flowing. You are reminding the universe and your higher-self of something that excited you or gave you pause. Remember the power of your thoughts and words!

Whittle down the 2019 month highlights to a couple of goals you can get going on in 2020. Remember, you are creating new habits and really, it's not that difficult. Your current habits make up a majority of your life behaviors. Think about it - being lazy, chewing your nails, eating noisily, being stressed-out, being late - these are all habits.

What will you do today, to move towards your 2020 goals? Get going goal getter!

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