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Giving Thanks

Gratitude, Gracias, Merci, Danke sehr, Thai Khop Khun Mak Kha, Grazie, and thank you. I send you thanks for being a part of the Mindful Way family. I hope you feel my gifts of gratitude throughout the year. I know I feel yours! (keep reading)

Being grateful and thankful is based on, and reinforces, values such as respect, responsibility, and generosity. Small, grateful acts every day can uplift us, make a difference for others, and help change the world. Move forward this holiday season and show others through your words and actions that you are grateful. (keep reading)

I am so grateful for your interest and commitment to mindfulness and meditation. Having you along on my journey has been heartfelt and eased me through challenges as well. To thank you I am giving you a code to use for all of the December meditation classes. Register for any and all classes you wish and use the code THANKS4YOU upon checking out.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, may your present moments unfold with beauty and ease.

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