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How to Meditate

Begin with the breath and body. Take a seat and notice how your body breathes without effort. There is no need to force your breath or to breathe in a certain way. We usually take our breath for granted. During meditation, we place emphasis on breathing. Our breath becomes the focal point for meditation.

Allow awareness into activities. Expand your awareness when walking, moving, and eating meditation practices. Experience the sensations of simply eating a piece of fruit, using your senses while eating.

Support the sacred in your life. No matter your faith, pay attention to how people treat each other in terms of kindness, compassion, and integrity. These values are not the monopoly of one lineage or one spiritual tradition. They are what makes us a beautiful human.

Invite all of yourself into awareness. We are comprised of learned practices, patterns of behavior, and other learned ways of being. You have labels: gender, occupation, physical abilities, roles, culture, etc. Invite all of your aspects and identities into your insight practice.

Cultivate consistency in your meditation practice. Develop a daily practice - time, place, and posture. Use the five-five-five method. Meditate for 5 minutes, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks. This consistency will help you become more mindful at work, home, and in all your interactions with self and others. There are so many benefits you will reap.

Support in your community. By finding a community of like-minded people, you feel more connected. Walking your spiritual path with others helps to keep you in a space of connection, community, and support. Your practice will expand in this beautiful space.

Mindfulness + Meditation

The opportunities are plenty, so come join us as we cultivate the BASICS of mindfulness and meditation. Meditate with Chantal

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