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A Mindful Walk with Meaning

During this time of uncertainty with our daily schedules up in the air, it's very important to keep up your daily exercise. Spring has sprung and it's time to get back outside and fill your lungs with fresh air and move your limbs.

Make your walk a little more meaningful through mindfulness with these practical tips:

  • Look straight ahead and feel the ground beneath your feet. Place your foot heel-ball-toe with each step.

  • Use your lungs breathing deeply. Inhale and exhale fully with intention and awareness, Notice how the fresh air makes your body feel.

  • Keep your shoulders up and back slightly, trying not to hunch forward. Notice how tall you feel!

  • Walking slower with purpose is a mindfulness practice. Fast is not always best. Slow will get you where you need to go.

  • Your arms should feel long but not sloppy. Swing them gently as you move. Feel the sensations of freedom.

  • Notice the rhythm of your body's movement and how it responds to these simple mindfulness steps.

Once you get comfortable with your mindful walk you can enjoy the outdoor sights. Walk in different places and take in the differences. Check out your neighborhood, choose a new park, find a river walk, and just take in all that being outdoors can offer.

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