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Start Today with Mindful Awareness

Your morning alarm rings and just before you get out of bed, check in with how you are feeling. Lie on your back and bring your attention to your face and pay attention to your senses. Notice your eyes - what do you see? Your nose - what do you smell? Your ears - what do you hear? Your mouth - is there a taste? Swallow gently. Slowly move your attention down your neck and torso, bringing awareness to your arms and then legs, while resting in final awareness at your feet. Did you notice any stiffness or aches? Did your body feel rested and awake? Did you feel the need to stretch? This is a beautiful way to start the day - in mindful awareness.

As your body awakens, take in deep breaths and fully exhale. Slowly stretch your limbs and turn your torso slightly to the right and then left. Begin your day, accepting everything you're feeling and knowing that you are ready for everything that unfolds today. Breathe in and exhale.

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