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Mindfulness Meditation

Many unique meditation styles and techniques have been developed, but all mindfulness meditations have the following in common:

  • Awareness Mindfulness meditations focus on developing awareness. Sometimes this awareness is of the body or breath, while other times it may focus on the outside world or internal thoughts. Mindfulness meditations have a focus to hone your awareness.

  • Non-Judgement Mindfulness meditations focus on experiencing awareness without judgement. Getting into a mindful state is about witnessing an experience or sensation without attachment or criticism - you have no judgement.

  • Cultivates Peace Being witness to something without attaching meaning or value creates an important detachment that results in a calm and peaceful mind. Though your feelings are valuable and important, mindfulness teaches how to find serenity despite them.

If you haven't already, you should try a mindfulness meditation class. Begin a mindfulness practice to bring awareness, non-judgement and cultivate a peaceful space for yourself. Start by finding a safe space, get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe. That's all - just breathe. Bring your attention to the awareness of your breath. Feel your breath moving in and out, filling your lungs, expanding your chest. No judgement, just a knowing of this awareness. You are just noticing and in this process your body will and mind will calm. Do this for two to five minutes. When you are done, notice how you feel now compared to just a short time before. That is the cultivation of peace; the practice of mindful meditation.

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