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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best girl/guy of them all?

We carry around belief systems that shape all aspects of the world around us. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Our inner world is a compilation of those belief systems. Just as we exercise our body we need to exercise our mind which will help change and grow our perspectives. Growing our mind will help change our belief systems.

Use the mirror exercise to become more aware of yourself and others in your life.

  1. Write the names of up to five people you find annoying, bothersome or you just don't like.

  2. Under each name list three to five qualities/behaviors that irritate you.

This is a mindfulness practice because it requires little to no judgement of yourself or others:

  1. Draw 2 columns on a piece of paper.

  2. On the left column write all the qualities out that you listed above. If there is duplication just place an asterisk by the word. You should have up to 15 to 25 qualities.

  3. On the right column note a time, circumstance or person that you exhibited this quality (no judgement).

Doing the mirror exercise helps you see the invisible parts of yourself that keep you from inner peace and living your best life ever. Everyone that comes into your life either has something to learn from you, or you have something to learn from them. Sometimes you both have something to learn from each other. Notice the qualities that bother you the most and notice when you have exhibited those traits. This is the mirror exercise - being able to see a reflection of the way you see yourself at a deep level.

Relationships are complicated. It's good to remember our lives are a reflection of many facets and life experiences. It is up to us to sort through, learn lessons, take care and shift our self to what we truly desire.

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