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The Art of Self-Discipline

There is an art in bringing discipline to one's life. There has to be dedication and a personal hunger for doing something. You have to care about yourself. Living a mindful life will allow you to live a disciplined life without thinking about it too much. Your goals and dreams and who you want to be are being honed each day through the art of discipline and living mindfully.

Here are some ways you can implement the art of self-discipline:

  1. Make sure you understand that self-discipline is your responsibility and take it seriously. No one else cares about you as much as you. No one else wants the things you want, in their life.

  2. Never underestimate the power you have within and set your limits/goals. These are things you must have in your life. Good health means you eat well and workout. Loving your career means you find value in the work you are doing, the company you work for and the lives you touch in the process.

  3. Your routines become habits. You workout like you brush your teeth - every day. You give your all at work like you take a shower each day. The things you want for yourself are not negotiable. You work on them and they become a good habit. Soon you don't even think about the habits - they mindfully just are.

  4. Commitment is your middle name. You apply yourself diligently to make sure you are placing yourself in line to win - to win what you want in life. This doesn't mean you don't have fun. On the contrary - you love what you are doing because you love this life you are creating for yourself.

  5. Pay attention to your internal dialogue. What do you tell yourself on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? Do you make excuses not to do certain things? Do you tell yourself you don't have time or money or space? Excuses can lure you like a bad drug and really drag you down. If there is one thing to start on - know what your internal dialogue is and if you need to, change it. Check out the habit tracker on our website at Mindful Way Coaching. It's a great tool to assist you with aligning your passions/goals and wants and turning them into habits.

Do these tasks in a mindful manner. Be thoughtful about what you want and need in your life. Do this with a smile and don't rush through your routines. Concentrate on one task at a time. Meditation can help calm your mind and alleviate anxiety. You will soon realize you do have enough time.

Show up in life by being true to yourself, work on your self-care, bring joy and kindness to yourself and others. Soon you will reap the benefits of habit as you apply self-discipline.

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