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Rethinking the New Year Resolution

Are you one of those people who sets a resolution for the new year? You make a pact with yourself that you will succeed at something. You will finally DO a new or old habit. How has that been working for you? You should know that approximately 92% of all resolutions set on January 1, 2019 will have failed within 10 days. Within 10 days! This is reason enough that you need to rethink your "new years resolution".

It's good to have aspirations and goals and new things to learn and succeed at. You don't want to live the next 40 years in the same way - doing the same things, the same way with the same people. That's not living. That's really not a life.

What if there wasn't a New Year's Resolution. What if you said " New Year's Life". That means you start now and think broadly about how you want your life to unfold. How you want to be the best version of you. Don't just think outside of the box. You need to think like there is NO box! Here are a few questions to get you thinking like there is NO box: (this is a nice journal practice)

  1. Who are you? What do you think of yourself? How do you think others see you?

  2. What have you recently accomplished that brought you great joy?

  3. What interest has been on your mind for awhile? What "something" have you been wanting to learn or know more about?

  4. What do you live for now?

  5. Who do you live for now?

  6. What could you do to enlarge the circle of family/friends? Or possibly minimize the circle?

  7. What is something that scares you that you really want to do or know you should do?

  8. Is there truth, real truth in your answer to number 7?

  9. What do you have that no one can take away?

  10. What is something you have that you could easily give away?

Sometimes the questions are more than a question - there is story to be told or unfolded. Take time as this new year begins and figure out what you want to see unfold month by month to the end of the year. Something that scares you a little, something you have been thinking about for some time, something that will bring you personal joy, something that will tell you - you are not living the same life as last year. Make sure this is the year you are being true to yourself and living your best life ever, mindfully.

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