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Be Happy

What if someone told you that you could not have anymore of anything. You could not make friends, you could not earn money, you could not buy shoes or cute clothes or toys. You could not be part of a family and you could not think for yourself.

Until ... you got happy!

We often think that if we have ________, we will be happy. If I get that new car, I will be happy. If I whiten my teeth, I will be happy. If I loose a little weight, I will be happy. If I get that new job, I will be happy. But getting stuff will not make you happy unless ... you enjoy the ride in getting there. If you feel good on the way to getting whatever it is you want, you will get there and you will enjoy what you are working towards.

So be happy today. Be happy making plans and setting goals. Be happy checking off the boxes to get to the goal. Be satisfied and happy with what-is now (mindfulness) while reaching and striving for more.

Be happy today and every day. Just be happy.

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