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Promises to Yourself (A mindful practice)

Take paper and write this statement "I am doing everything in my power to attract all the assistance and resources I need as I accomplish my goal(s). Next compose a declaration that describes exactly what satisfying, growth-inducing experiences/goal(s) you want the most in 2018. These are goal(s) you are willing to work for and even change yourself to attract, if necessary. This is not a time or a practice for someone who wants to just wish and sit and wait because you will do nothing but that - wait. After you have written your statement and goal(s), keep a copy in your wallet, under your pillow, taped to the bathroom mirror, posted on your computer - wherever you are likely to see it. Every time you see it - read it and close your eyes. Visualize your goal(s) accomplished and reap the benefits of this mindful practice.

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