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You Are Deserving

You are deserving of living your best life now, in this moment, every day. Let's look at some of the things that you deserve and can be grateful for having:

  • Honesty - you deserve to hang around with and associate with honest people. People who tell you the truth and give you respect. By giving your honest self to others, you bring about an energy that enables you to have this honesty with others. Affirmation: I am honest and draw honesty to me in all I do and all I am.

  • Wealth - you deserve to have all of your needs met and more. There is more than enough in this world. Sometimes it might not seem this way but this is the truth. Make sure you are respecting your money and being honest with your financial situation. If you are currently using credit to live - stop this behavior right now. Meet with a financial planner who can look at your whole life picture and help you with a budget. There are online programs as well but be smart and do a little research. Affirmation: I am grateful for all that I have now. I live in abundance every day in every way.

  • True love - you deserve to have a loving partner. Someone who actually likes you for you. Someone who compliments your likes and doesn't complicate issues. Someone who weathers the waves with you not against you. Someone who lifts you up and doesn't try to push you down or suffocate you. You should wake up each day feeling blessed to have someone special loving your heart and being open enough so that you can love their heart. Affirmation: I love myself. I love my partner. I am blessed with healthy, happy, productive relationships.

  • A healthy body that feels good and looks good. Yes, you deserve to look like you want to look and feel good when you look in the mirror. By practicing mindful eating, you can tackle any food issues that might be adding to a negative body image. You can also practice meditating which will help you with stress and possible past issues that can also contribute to a poor body image. Make sure that the food and thoughts you are putting into your body are deserving. That means eating fresh and giving yourself positive pep talks. Affirmation: I am grateful for all the things my body does for me. I show my body appreciate by eating and moving well. I send my body love each day.

You deserve to be living your best live right now. You deserve to love your work, to give freely (volunteer), to have supportive and trustworthy friendships, to have respect and a loving romantic partnership. You deserve to love yourself unconditionally, without judgment, and with appreciation.

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