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You Are the Master

You have created every reality you are living right now. Your life is happening through you; because of you because of the thoughts, choices, actions you have taken. You are the master of your life! Sometimes this is tough to hear because we aren't so happy with where we are at in life. We might feel bad for the way we treated someone or we might feel sorry for ourselves because we missed an opportunity. Knowing how you feel about these missed opportunities, and unfortunate experiences, what will you do different today? What will you do about that?

Take some time in the next couple of weeks and write a list of pros - things you feel good about today. Next write a list of cons - thinks you know need to be improved upon. Next, group these by categories - career, family, other relationships, personal development, etc. Over the course of this spring and summer - tackle a category. Let's say you aren't happy with relationships - what can you do to change this? Think about the 5 people you spend the most time with - do you like these people, do they add quality and value to your life, do you really enjoy spending time with them? If not, think of places that you can meet others that might add more quality to your life - a meditation group, volunteer organization, book club, or a fitness gym.

If you want something different to happen for you, in your life - you need to take action. You need to act like a master because, you are the master of your life.

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