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Adding Simplicity; Being More Mindful

Having a more mindful approach to life means streamlining some daily habits. Here is how to add simplicity to daily habits:

  1. Prepare your work lunch ahead of time. This mindful approach means you will eat healthier and eat more mindfully. You should know, eating small amounts more often, is the key to sustained energy and maintained weight. On Sunday evening you can prepare 3 or 4 lunches for the week.

  2. Be mindful about your style. On Sunday evening put together 3 or 4 outfits for the coming week. This allows you to easily get dressed in the morning so you are not dawdling around trying to find something to wear. Having a lot of clothes can be overwhelming. Having fewer choices is beneficial - hence, a few completed outfits to chose from.

  3. Bathe the night before on weekdays. Relax and take a nice, long bath every night. This will allow you to sleep in a little since you won't need to shower in the morning. Keep your nighttime house temperature on the cooler side. The cooler temp will help you sleep more soundly and having less to do in the morning is key for a good start to the day.

  4. On Sunday evening check out what you need to do for the week ahead. If you are married, have your husband do the same. Knowing ahead of time, what I have scheduled and planned, helps to mentally prepare you so there is less stress.

  5. Listen to Audible (books on tape) or Podcasts as you drive to work. Stress in the morning is not good - especially road rage stress. Listening to a story or a thoughtful conversation, helps to maintain a semblance of calm and get to work safely. Being mindful, and reminding yourself, that EVERYONE on the road at 7AM is just trying to get to work safely.

These are just a few approaches you can use to make your life a little less stressful and practice mindful living.

St. Croix River Hudson WI

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