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Tips for Keeping Yourself Young Without Following the Latest Fads by Guest Writer Dana Brown

Social media would condition us to believe that we have to spend hundreds of dollars and several hours in our aesthetician’s chair to stay young. The truth is that there are plenty of things you can do for yourself to keep your face, body, and, more importantly, your mind from aging prematurely. If you can’t afford dermal fillers, long vacations, or $100 face creams, keep reading for budget-friendly advice on how to stop the clock.

Prioritize sleep.

Sleep is your secret weapon when it comes to looking and feeling fantastic. Not getting enough shut-eye can age your face faster than just about anything. Poor sleep can lead to swollen eyes, under-eye circles, pale skin, wrinkles, and a droopy mouth. More than just affecting your physical appearance, being well-rested can give your mind a mental boost so that you can think faster and process information more quickly. Many people find that meditating before bed can help them fall asleep and sleep more soundly. If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness practice and techniques, Mindful Way Coaching offers classes in mindfulness and meditation.

Wake Up Right

It is not enough to simply sleep if you want to look great in the morning. With a few tried-and-true overnight practices, you can awaken not only refreshed but also well put together. Harper’s Bazaar explains how to wake up with great hair, and columnist Baze Mpinja suggests going to bed with dry hair and using bobby pins to keep unruly bangs in place. And with the right styling tools, you can tame your locks in minutes.

Invest Where It Counts

Stop following trends as it pertains to your skin, hair, and body. To look and feel your age or younger, focus on things that really matter. A great moisturizer, for example, or high-quality makeup. Although these might cost a bit more than you’re prepared to budget for, finding Sephora promo codes and coupons can help you unearth discounts on health and beauty items.

Spend Your Time Wisely

Looking younger is only part of the uphill battle of aging. To truly feel like the most youthful version of yourself possible, you’ll need to pay attention to how, exactly, you spend every minute. When you’re over 40, especially, BestLife recommends doing things like spending time with friends, exercising, and prioritizing a healthy breakfast.

Eat Right All Day

Breakfast is obviously important, but you also have to eat well the entire day. Fortunately, this is also an area that doesn’t require a significant investment, and if you learn how to use shelf-stable grains, like quinoa, barley, and rice, you can fuel your body with energy and carbohydrates that will keep you up and moving throughout the day. And since grains last for many months, you can stock up and save on your favorite staples.

Engage in Intimacy

Sex might be a taboo topic, but your time between the sheets is one of the best things you can do for your health and your appearance. Researchers have extensively studied the effects of intimate relations on people, and a surprising finding is that people that have lots of great sex look up to seven years younger than their birth certificate suggests. Sex also releases hormones that have a positive impact on the skin and, when done with a partner that you trust, is a major self-esteem boost.

The way you look and feel is not determined by how much you can afford to spend on your appearance. The tips above, including eating well and getting enough sleep, will be the most impactful things you do in your quest to stay young and young at heart.

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