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The Illusion of Failure

If you look at failing as a lack of success, time, money, or inability to perform a dismal representation of your personal challenges - you are mistaken.

These times of challenge, and the acts that follow, actually provide you with many opportunities! When you learn to use these times of challenge to better yourself and perhaps, try something new, that is when you grow into the best version of yourself. Learning through trial and error and knowing that mistakes are a part of our life process, that is when you will see that failure is just an illusion.

Illusion: a misleading image presented to the vision; something that deceives or misleads intellectually.

Failure: a state of inability to perform; to be unsuccessful in achievement.

Be mindful and accepting of the times you seem to have failed because, in reality, you will look back and notice you were provided a unique opportunity to find success. These times of challenge and the way you react will most likely prove to be your best personal growth periods.

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