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Savor Your Life

Practicing the 5 senses is a great way to start savoring your life.

  • Savor the sights all around - inside or outside. Breathe in the fresh air if you're outside and see all the new that spring has to offer. Savor the sights.

  • Savor the smells all around - inside as you cook or clean and outside all the fresh wonder. Breathe in deeply using your nose to smell. Savor the smells.

  • Savor touch - your clothes, sudsy soap, sunshine and human touch. There is so much to take in from paying attention to touch. Savor this beautiful sense.

You can also savor life challenges.

  • boredom

  • pure joy

  • freedom

  • not getting the desired outcome

What often keeps us from truly savoring is our need to have everything now. That need to do a lot in a certain amount of time. To be on speed or auto-pilot. Upon awakening we can find ourselves checking email and texts before we stretch, set an intention and brush our teeth.

Here are a few slow-downs to help you savor all that your life has to offer you.

  • drink more slowly

  • walk with ease and purpose

  • look in the mirror at you - really look at yourself

  • drive with the window down and breath in the fresh air; feel your hair dance with the wind

  • notice the birds, clouds, sun, rain, tree, grass - all the glorious nature around you

  • notice your coworkers or roommates in a different way - find something unique and fun about them

Take a moment to stop and savor.

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