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Mindfulness is a Habit

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Most of your personal behaviors are made up of habits. Brushing your teeth, combing your hair and taking a shower are habits. Biting your nails, being consistently sarcastic, spending money foolishly and chewing with your mouth open are habits. Confidence, emotional balance, eating well, having a sound meditation practice and living a mindful life are also habits.

So today, what new habits are you going to incorporate into your 2020 routines? Being mindful is a habit that will take you far and wide. Start by paying more attention to the things you read and listen to (sight and hearing). Do the words, pictures and voice support you, as you want to see yourself? Pay attention to what you are eating, taking 3 mindful bites at every meal. Does the food you eat look colorful and healthy (sight), does it smell good (scent) and does that mindful bite bring your mouth alive (taste)?

Make this the year you wean yourself from habits that don't serve you at this time in your life. Cultivate the habit of mindfulness.

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