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Cheers to 2023

Every year offers us an opportunity to begin again or keep moving forward. We can enter into something new, bringing excitement and starting anew. We can keep our steps moving easily as we apply our wisdom along the way. How can we end this year and enter into 2023 in a way that matters?

Be still

"In an age of constant movement, nothing is so urgent as sitting still." ~ Pico Iyer

We are on the go constantly. We set goals, plan, and get excited when all the days on our calendar have something to do. But this can make us feel overextended, under-resourced, and off balance. Much like Sisyphus, the king in Greek Mythology who was sentenced to push a boulder uphill, over and over again for eternity, balancing the many demands in our lives can feel more like drudgery than joy.

Our natural state of being is just to be, to flow with ease, and rest accordingly. We have been programmed to turn our attention to all the difficulties we face, the things we need to fix, and where we aren't measuring up. To do, do, do and go, go, go. Staying positive amid our ever-growing to-do list seems almost impossible.

Maybe 2023 is a time to stop and be the observer. Pay attention to where your mind is wandering and to what your mind is telling you to do. There are beautiful gifts in your wandering mind. Honor your mind with observations and awareness.

Be patient

"Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?" ~ Lao Tzu

Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. Can you remain unmoving

until the right action arises by itself?

Patience is the state of being that occurs between experience and reaction. Whether you’re trying to be patient with yourself, others, or life, it seems always to involve the experience of dealing with delays or obstacles. By cultivating patience, you can let go of things outside your control and live with less stress, anxiety, and frustration.

Here are a couple of perspectives for cultivating the gift of patience.

  • Practice pausing: pause when in doubt, pause when you are frustrated, pause when you feel overwhelmed, and often pause throughout the day. This mindful action allows you to relax and be open to responses rather than reactions.

  • Let someone merge into traffic, go ahead in the grocery store line, or hold the door for someone so they can enter first. These mindful choices will build on each other and further develop a kinder, more flexible approach.

  • Use your five senses to shift your focus and attention. Bring attention to the scent in the air, or gently tap your fingertips on your thighs. You might notice the cool or warm air on your skin. These deliberate shifts in focus allow freedom of choice.

A way that matters

Let us move steadily into the next now moment so we can embrace the present. That is, being open to the way things are in each moment without trying to manipulate or change the experience—without judging it, clinging to it, or pushing it away. The present moment can only be as it is. Trying to change it will frustrate and exhaust you. Consider this:

As the year ends, now is a good time to:

  • Wipe the slate clean.

  • Focus on what you really want.

  • Chart your course.

Or perhaps, these statements are more in-line with who you are and how you want to begin the new year:

  • Give thanks for your life exactly as it is.

  • Decide that 2023 will bring wow-after-wow moments.

  • Every day, follow your heart and intuition toward a new path.

Meditate with Chantal

How can you practice patience, being still, and allowing for ways that matter? Check out these great class opportunities:

Cheers to a New Year and all that matters. Be well. Be mindful. In love, Chantal

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