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Meditation is Awesome

Meditation can be a life changing, awesome practice. If you have not tried meditation yet, it's time you do. There is a reason that people around the world, just like you, regularly practice meditation. Any time you can take time for yourself is good. Any time you can quiet your mind is good. Any time you can rest your body is good.

How to meditate - start by finding a nice quiet space that you feel safe. Get comfortable and gently close your eyes. Start by paying attention to your breath. Just inhale and exhale and keep your attention on your breath. You will notice your mind will wander. That's OK! Just bring your attention back to your breath. Over and over, every time your mind wanders, you bring it back to your breath.

That's it for now! Yes, that is a meditation and it's called Breath Awareness. Using your breath as a focus point you can quiet your mind and your body. It's a beautiful way to begin your meditation practice.

Make time to meditate today. See why people around the world are saying "Meditation is Awesome"!

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