Showing Up

Have you heard the saying - Ask, Believe, Receive? If you ask for something and believe it, you will receive it. Well, it doesn't really work well that way. It kind of takes a little bit more to get what you want. Showing up is half of the equation though! Here is how you can take advantage of the Law of Attraction phenom.

  1. ASK - be specific. Get down to the nitty gritty and be really detailed. Write out what it is you want. Make sure you don't say - I want to be rich. That really isn't saying much because being rich is different for each of us. You need to be specific. Think of the ways your life will change if you are rich. What will you be able to do with your riches. What will it take to acquire this life change. That is a good starting point in wanting to have abundance in finances.

  2. BELIEVE - feel it to your very core. VISUALIZE what you have asked for. Really think about it and imagine all of the details in your minds-eye. KNOW that you are going to acquire whatever it is you are asking for. This part of the equation holds a lot of emotion and feeling. You want your mind and body to believe that whatever you asked for has arrived. Breath it in and if you are a meditator - make this part of your meditation process (visualizing the happening, with emotion).

  3. RECEIVE - let the universe do it's miracle work. Don't get all stressed out and start fretting when your "asking" does not come immediately. Do not start thinking it will not happen if it's been a few days. These doubting moments take away from the positive visualization you recently completed. You don't want any negativity swirling around what you asked for. So, just sit back and wait, trust me - you asked and believed so it will come. Trust in the universal process.

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