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A Subtle Shift

Just a subtle shift in your thinking can change an outcome. Truly, it can and it does. Your brain and subconscious are amazing and work overtime, all the time.

According to Scientific American, "Expectancies, such as expecting that one’s work will bring about health benefits, are capable of producing physiological outcomes. Learned associations, such as the association between being an Air Force pilot and having good vision, can alter other cognitive processes, such as visual perception. Meanwhile, placebo effects observed in clinical research work via expectancies and learned associations created by fake operations, sham drugs, etc. Such expectancies and learned associations have been shown to change the chemistry and circuitry of the brain. These changes may result in such physiological and cognitive outcomes as less fatigue, less immune system reaction, elevated hormone levels, and less anxiety." Your brain and subconscious don't distinguish between reality versus thought. Many people use this to their advantage. Athletes get into a meditative, mindful state, in which they visualize a complex workout complete with accelerated breathing and heart rate increase. Part of the visualization is the outcome such as a speed increase (race), game win, etc. Actors and speakers enter a mindful state and visualize themselves speaking in front of large audience to overcome fear and anxiety.

You can use this mindful, visualization process. Think about something you would like to see happen. You will not be visualizing the obstacles and what you do not what. You will enter a mindful state whereby you visualize the "something exceptional you want to see happen". You need to be clear, specific and positive. You need to be detailed and decisive. As part of your visualization - declare your intent, visually describe in great detail what you wish to see happen, be specific. As part of the visualization - feel. What does this "something " feel like? Get to a place where your thoughts prompt feelings in your body. These are what your subconscious is paying attention to and this subtle shift in your thought process can bring about a nicely intended outcome. Try it.

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