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Positive Planning; It's a Mindful Exercise

Here is an exercise to get you planning for yourself, for your loved ones, or for your family's wellbeing. It consists of a solid mindful practice that will shift your energy into a positive flow. All it takes is a little foresight and planning.

At the beginning of each month take a look at your calendar/planner. Make sure you have the following planned at least once per month:

  1. Move time as in exercise;

  2. Time to create as in painting, journaling, performing, art, etc.;

  3. Significant other time - time you will spend with a loved one;

  4. Kid/friend/parent/family time - something you will do as a group;

  5. Meditation time for you.

Look at each day and then the week as a whole. Does it feel good? Does it flow? How about the four weeks that make up the month - do you like what you see? Are you spending time in a positive way? Does the energy flow well? Are you giving yourself care each day? Each week? On a consistent basis throughout the month?

You want to make sure the places and things you’re spending time on, fit well with your life goals. If they don’t flow and bring joy then switch it up. Maybe your kids are participating in too many classes or maybe you could adjust your work hours so you have an extra hour at home. Maybe you need to spend more time with your mate or on your meditation practice. The goal here is to create a life filled with obligations but also a creative life of activities that bring you joy. Go ahead - plan the month out - your health and wellbeing with reap the benefits of positive, minidful planning.

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