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Rhythms of Nature

There are natural rhythms all around us. By linking into these nature-made rhythms we can be guided in all we do. Your life will become richer and more satisfying if you learn to pay attention. Becoming more aware of natural rhythms can guide you in your mindfulness and meditation practices. Let's investigate some natural rhythms we might see in a different light:

  • The rising and setting of the sun each day;

  • Lunar - the waxing and waning of the moon;

  • Nature's seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter;

  • Waves that ebb and flow with the tide;

  • A woman's menstrual cycle;

  • Daily temperatures start cool and climax warmer; and

  • Your biological rhythms - circadian rhythms.

These natural rhythms guide us throughout the day, week, month and yearly. Our lives are orchestrated and guided by these beautiful rhythms that make up our life. Take time each day to witness and observe the various rhythms that affect you and your mood. Practice your mindfulness and meditations in various rhythmic stages. Eventually you will learn routines, led in a mindful way, that will guide your energy, moods and more. When our rhythms are in sync, life flows easily – we have more energy and tend to view things more positively. We also connect more socially and find life more satisfying.

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