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Ask or You'll Never Know

Sometimes it is hard to ask for something. Sometimes we might feel we are inadequate especially if we have to ask for help. Sometimes our thoughts get in the way of our reality. Because really, reality-wise, people love to help each other. They really do. Most people like to help others and this is reality. But you need to ask or you will never know this to be true.

The nice thing about asking for something - when you get a positive "answer" it puts you in a little higher vibrational energy field. Being in a place of higher energy enables your mindset to want to help someone else. And if you do help someone else, that shifts you slightly into a little higher vibrational energy field. Are you following this? Not quite sure if you believe it or get it? Then try it because usually it's free and being in a nice, high vibrational energy field brings good to your life. It's a win-win whether you are the person who needs something or the person giving assistance.

Be mindful and next time someone needs something - offer your help. Next time you notice someone isn't in quite a good place - ask if you can help.

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