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19 Expert Decor and Reno Tips to Inspire Mindful Home Design

With how hectic life can be with day-to-day responsibilities, sometimes it can be challenging to take a step back and practice mindfulness. This can be especially true when our homes are disorganized or don’t have a dedicated place to do so. By creating pockets of peace in our homes, we can be fully present and aware of what’s going on around us. If this sounds interesting to you, you’re in luck. We reached out to mindfulness experts from New York, NY, to Surrey, BC, to give us their best decor and reno tips to inspire mindful home design. Please keep reading to see what they had to say, from bringing in plants and flowers to decluttering.

1) Do not allow electronics in your sleep space

My mindfulness tips are to not allow any electronics into your sleeping space so your mind and body can fully associate your bedroom with sleep and dedicate some area, whether it’s an entire room or just a tiny corner in a room, for spiritual or self-care practice. A room or space dedicated to grounding yourself, relaxing, and engaging in activities that make you feel good and present. – Knot + Clover

2) Embrace nature in your home design

Bring the outdoors into your home by displaying plants and flowers. Pretty pots and vases bring a decorative element to your home, while the plant itself adds a sculptural quality. Don’t have a green thumb? Not to worry- faux plants can still elevate your decor and mood. – Chiriga Derrick

3) Create an environment that enables presence and heightened awareness

  • Declutter your space: Organize your environment and eliminate visual disorders to help increase mental clarity.

  • Soothe your senses: Connect your surroundings to your feelings. Consider adding colorful flowers, a scented candle, comfortable seating, and calming music to your room.

  • Refresh your gratitude: Surround yourself with key focus items that reinforce your appreciation for relationships and circumstances in your life. – Omni Mindfulness

4) Create a place that encourages awareness of the present moment

Thich Nhat Hanh said, “Mindfulness helps you go home to the present.” For me, bringing mindfulness into the home means creating a place that encourages an awareness of the present moment. I like to find a place where my senses will be naturally calm and relaxed; this starts with a room that has minimal clutter. Blue paint tones naturally evoke a sense of calm, and a fluffy and comfortable seat soothes the body and allows the mind to drop into a more relaxed state. A plant or two helps us feel connected to nature and facilitates the feeling of being grounded in the present moment. – Aaron Olden MD, Mindful Medicine; Chantal Doriott, Mindful Way Coaching

5) Schedule a monthly home organization day

Some quick and easy practices include scheduling a monthly home organization day to declutter areas of your home, which can consist of closets, drawers, etc. Choosing dual-use furnishings such as bedside cabinets, ottomans, and coffee tables with drawers will allow you to store away items that are not needed easily. Lastly, opt for soft furnishings such as a blanket throw, comfortable pillows, or a fluffy rug to promote a calming sensory environment in your living room or bedroom. – Mind + Space Connections

6) Any space can bring balance to a home if you place purpose on it

You don’t have to be a pro meditator to bring mindfulness into your home. Any space you carve out with intention—whether it’s a quiet meditation room, a cozy reading nook, a vibrant front porch, or even a workout area—can balance your home and your life if you plan it with purpose. It allows you room to do whatever feeds your soul. – Coach Kiki

7) Be intentional with what you bring into your space

When it comes to creating a mindful home, it is all about being intentional with what you bring into your space. Ask yourself if you love it or serve a purpose or a function; before allowing that item to enter your home. Simply taking a moment to reflect and be present with your belongings can help you create a home that allows for more peace, more connection, and more happiness. – Silica Shack