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The Gift of Experience

With a mindful approach and attitude rooted in gratitude, how about giving the gift of experience. Experiences are wonderful opportunities for you to do something with and/or for someone else. Here are a few experiential gifts that you can give and even participate in yourself:

  • Visit a local museum - train, aquarium, rocks and stones, science, etc.

  • Take a cooking class - kitchen or grilling

  • Learn more about wine and how to pare with particular foods

  • Sporting event - football, hockey, baseball, soccer, gymnastics; ice skating

  • Tickets to a concert or musical event

  • Painting or coloring class - these can be held at a paint bar, community college, local art studio

  • Glass or mosaics class - make a beautiful table, goblet or platter

  • Make a photo album for someone and include pictures of you and them (a memory of your time with each other)

  • Try a new restaurant - dress for the theme (Cuban, Mexican, Italian, Thai, German, etc.)

  • Visit someone who is home-bound

  • Invite someone to your home for dinner - arrange for them to be brought to your house and then wine and dine them

  • Hold an "Arts and Crafts Day" and provide ingredients for decadent ice cream sauces OR ingredients for pampering bath salts OR a vision board class

The idea behind giving someone the gift of an experience is the memory far outlasts the pretty package, the last splash of cologne, the last swipe of lipstick. An experience creates a memory and that can last a lifetime. It creates a mindful bond of gratitude shared by the two of you (or more). It releases endorphins which are the "feel good" hormones we are always seeking. It is the basis for humankind and the need for beautiful relationships.

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