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We Create Ourself

You are busy creating yourself by how you decide to spend your energy. Every minute of every day - your thoughts, your verbal words, your actions, your reactions - have a vibrational-energy that fuels the physical form. This is where YOU can get busy creating yourself.

If you want a career boost - you better not be telling yourself (because they are low energy vibrations):

  • I don't deserve it.

  • I could never do all the job entails.

  • I am sure nobody notices me.

  • Or call in sick, come in late repeatedly, talk poorly about others ...

All of these statements and actions will most definitely heard - if not by someone at the company they were heard by the "higher powers that be" and ... this becomes your reality. In this situation, you are creating a self that doesn't honor your mind and career projections to succeed in the best career that is possible for you. The career you really want.

If you want to lose weight and redefine your figure - you better not be telling yourself (again, low energy is being held in this space):

  • I am fat - I can't run - nothing looks flattering on me.

  • I don't look good in workout clothes.

  • I can't find the time to get in a good workout.

  • Looking in the mirror - saying negative things or even thinking negative thoughts.

  • Walking is boring and can't possibly help me lose weight.

  • Or you often hang out with people who love to eat and drink socially, or don't share your want of being more physical.

  • Or you sit in front of the TV with a bag of chips and lament and feel sorry for yourself.

All of these statements you tell yourself and actions you take fuel the "higher powers that be"... this becomes your reality. You are creating a self that doesn't make your physical appearance important.

Good news! Your brain doesn't know the difference between yesterday and tomorrow. It doesn't know that you might be overweight or that you might be worthy of a career move. The brain is mindfully living in the present, in the now. Everything you tell yourself - your brain/mind/subconscious believes it! Every word and action and thought ... your mind/brain/subconscious believes it!

Start today creating yourself. Think (visualize) yourself in your best body shape, confident and worthy eating for health and vitality. Tell yourself (verbally in your mind) that you of you are good enough. Tell yourself you are smart, approachable, honest, inspired ... all the power words you can think of (and feel those words in your heart). Take actions that go with those power words - go to the gym and walk. Walking is a proven health tool! Get going on that resume and work with a professional. When you take these steps - you tell yourself and "the higher powers that be" you are ready, willing and able to bring forth the best version of your self. You are creating yourself. Your best self.

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