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Want a spicy life?

Sometimes a little spice is just what you need in life. Something that shakes things up a bit. Something that interests and excites you a little more than usual. Something that brings new awareness to your life.

Life is actually meant to be this way - exciting and spicy! Your life is a creation made up of your thoughts, actions, choices and experiences. If you regularly seek life with curiosity, and say yes to the things that interest and excite you, then you will be leading a spicy life.

What can you do? Start by making a list of things that interest you. Here is such a list but you are encouraged to think of your own curious interests:

book club





happy hour



connecting with old friends or new friend or family (relationships)

After you determine what interests you - write next to the item how you can bring that into your life, if it's not there already.

book club - find book clubs in my area, check out the local library, look online and on Facebook for local book clubs - reach out to these clubs and see how you can join as a member

volunteering - find out if there are volunteer organizations in your community, check out social media and ask at church - reach out to these organizations and ask how you can volunteer

theater - is there a theater in your neighborhood? Go check it out and see what is playing. Maybe there is a role you'd like to audition for ... just do it!

To live an exciting life you need to be curious and say yes to opportunity. Practice mindfulness. Mindfully fill your life with expectation, exhilaration, anticipation and excitement. Remember, your thoughts can become words and these words can become your actions.

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