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Excited and curious for the new day?

Do you awake each day (or most) excited and filled with gratitude, curiosity, and the need for a languid stretch? Good, because this is what you should feel like, when you rise. Oh, you don't feel this way? Then read on for some tips on how to wake up feeling excited for the day.

Prep for bedtime:

  • Start to wind down an hour prior to going to bed.

  • Drink a cup of tea or glass of water. This will hydrate your body throughout the night.

  • You might want to take a leisurely stroll around the block - nature and fresh air are amazing at calming the body and mind.

  • Check out the next day's activities. Knowing what you need to do tomorrow will help your sleeping tonight. You will be less likely to drum over "what am I doing tomorrow" if you already know.

  • Prepare your outfit and lunch for the next day. Doing this ahead of time eliminates choices in the morning which can add stress to the start of a new day.

  • Limit your electronic device time. Try a soothing meditation or read a good book. This hour is to wind down so listen and read accordingly. Smooth slumber awaits.

Time to rise:

  • Stretch and take 3 nice deep breaths. Before you get out of bed, think of something you are grateful for, now in this moment.

  • Next, set an intention for the day. Think of something you would like to accomplish - it could be work or personal related - something that will inspire you.

  • Time to get out of bed, with a smile and excitement and curiosity for what will unfold. It's a new day and you are ready.

  • Replenish your fluids after washing up, drink a large glass of water with fresh lemon.

  • And don't forget the power of a mindful meditation. It doesn't have to take long and just being quiet and centering yourself will help start your day.

Taking time for you, to nurture your body and mind and spirit are crucial to setting the stage for beautiful morning beginnings.

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