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Finding Your Purpose

How do you know what your purpose is? Do you really have a purpose? Is there really a reason you are here on earth?

Mindful meditation is a way to know more about yourself and why you are here. By practicing mindful meditation, on a regular basis, you can get clear on your purpose. Meditation can connect you to your intuition. By paying attention to your intuition, and learning to read your body cues, you can ultimately realize your purpose.

Finding your purpose step by step:

  1. Make a conscious effort to meditate using the body scan. Click here for a detailed description of the body scan. Performing the scan can take 10 minutes up to an hour. 

  2. Make a conscious effort to listen your body - paying special attention to your stomach and heart areas. You can practice this when in a stressful situation. Say you were reprimanded at work - where do you feel this stress? Maybe you have a presentation to make - typically a person could feel "butterflies" in their stomach. By noticing these body cues, you are honing your intuition. Notice where you “feel”.

  3. Say "YES" to everything that interests and excites you. Have you been searching for new relationships? Volunteer! Love to read? Join a book club. Have you wanted to paint or write? Check out local community education programs which are free or reasonably priced. There is a lot of learning to be done online but make sure your sources are reputable.

  4. Walk and get outside. Your body was made for movement. The body responds to sunshine and the visual beauty of plants and green-space. Walking is a beautiful way to connect with nature and get moving. Head to your local park and walk; take a break and sit - close your eyes to better feel the sun and warm breeze; walk again and breathe deeply; repeat.

  5. By paying attention to you - through meditation, saying YES, moving in nature - you are learning to connect to your intuition. Your intuition has been said to be your "soul voice". It's the higher self-power and you will learn that the answers are within. You just need to pay attention.

  6. It is at this place that intuition, intention and purpose come together perfectly. Once you learn to listen and hear your intuition speak, you will know your purpose.

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