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Excuses, It's a Mindless Practice

Are you a procrastinator? Do you think you work well under pressure? Do you often give excuses on why you are not getting something done? This is a mindless practice in which you might not be allowing yourself to achieve your goals. Sometimes, especially when we are scared, we subconsciously create obstacles that get in the way of getting life-stuff done.

So what can you do about this mindless practice? One thought to reaching those goals - stop creating obstacles and excuses. Every time you procrastinate or give an excuse, backpedal and silently state "I will get this done". Take a minute to visualize your goal and steps you need to achieve the goal. Then do a step. Just one step. Keep your mind on the goal. The more you think about your goals and take little steps to get there - the more likely you are to actually get there. Every step is important and every step will make you feel more comfortable and less scared. One step at a time to realize your goal.

Today - practice visualizing your goal(s) and the steps you need to take. Kick your excuses to the curb and down the street. Quit pretending you work well under pressure. Stop procrastinating and start consciously creating space where your goals and dreams become reality. No more excuses … just one step at a time.

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