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Deep Nasal Breathing

We know that nasal breathing is coming. Research now indicates it may also improve cognitive function. Take a deep breath, inhaling through nose stimulates brain and boosts memory. Researchers discovered that the rhythm of breath creates electrical activity in the brain where emotions, memory and smells are processed. In experiments, individuals were able to identify a face two seconds more quickly if they encountered it when breathing in compared to breathing out. Deep breathing is also the best way to increase nitric oxide to help your lungs and blood vessels open up better and function more efficiently. Essentially, taking deep breaths helps your lungs go from 97 percent saturation of oxygen to 100 percent saturation of oxygen, and that little 3 percent can sometimes make a difference in how you feel:

  1. Waking up feeling rested

  2. Reducing shortness of breath symptoms

  3. Strengthening the immune system

  4. Reducing high blood pressure

  5. Reducing cardiovascular risk

  6. Reduces anxiety and depression

  7. Improving regulation of blood sugar levels

  8. Preventing neurological and circulatory issues linked to disease

  9. Helping with weight loss and improved digestion

  10. Improving recovery following exercise or exertion

  11. Improving concentration and memory

  12. Reducing attention deficit and hyperactivity

  13. Relieving headaches, migraine, back pain, sciatica, neuralgia

So use your nose and practice deep nasal breathing. It does your body a while lotta good!

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