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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Where your attention goes, energy gathers; and where energy gathers, an experience unfolds. As your mindful practices become part of your everyday life, you will notice an increase in awareness. This increase in awareness will elevate you to another energy level. You will actually begin to attract new experiences into your life. It's a subtle but profound shift.

Use your mindfulness skills to access where your attention is going. When you awaken, where does your attention go to? Are you using this time to plan your day? Is it a hectic time where your energy is scattered? Or did you plan ahead for the new day with clothes laid out, lunch packed, kid's cereal bowls set up, etc.? Wherever your attention is being given; that is where your energy is building an experience. Pay attention and use this awareness to monitor your attention throughout the day.

Using your mindfulness practices to bring more awareness to the everyday happenings in your life will

help you create a rich, experience-driven life. So, as the weekend comes to a close, and a new week looms ahead, start paying attention to the various triggers in your life and feel the energy unfold. Does this energy feel good? Is it empowering? Is it subduing? Is it a positive force? Choose where you wish to expend your energy to enrich your life experiences. Remember, your attention creates energy and your energy creates an experience. Use this mindful practice to create wondrous experiences!

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