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Helping you live mindfully instead of mindlessly.

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Intuitive Eating

You have the power to transform your day to day live. 

We live in a fast paced world with never ending zoom calls and to-do lists, which leads to doing things mindlessly, and always feeling rushed to check the next thing off our list. 


We can find ourselves stressed, anxious, and getting less and less sleep. 


By practicing mindfulness and meditation we can start to really focus on things that matter to us and make life worth living. Because measuring life by your to-do list checkboxes isn’t truly living.






Expand mental clarity and focus

Improve sleep quality



Mindful Eating 6-Week Course

November 10 -December 15

Delve into the emotional and environmental reasons you have poor eating habits.

We are all under so much pressure these days, which can lead to poor eating habits like:

  • Binge eating

  • Eating too fast 

  • Overeating 

  • Yo-yo dieting

What mindfulness can do for you 

Through observing, you learn how experiences, words, thoughts, and other stimuli affect you. Mindfulness is the practice of accepting the present moment as it is ‘now’ and observing thoughts, feelings, sights, sounds, touch, and smell. 


You observe, without wanting more or less and without judging it as good or bad. You become more in-tune with what is around you and how you feel inside. When this happens, you are living mindfully instead of mindlessly.

Chantal gave me many tools to help rewire my thinking and help interrupt my bad thought patterns.  She helped me think about why I was eating - for physical hunger or emotional eating. She also educated me about meditation and how it could be a tool to use in many different areas of my life. Chantal has been a fabulous guide in my mindfulness journey. Words can't express how useful the tools she has given me have been. -- Shannon

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21-days to peace and calm

Find moments of peace and calm no matter where you are or what you are doing. 

For 21-days you’ll receive an email, so you can start your day off with intention. 


  • Improve your well-being 

  • Redirect negative thoughts 

  • Gain focus 

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Mindfulness and meditation can address many common problems 


  • You can’t remember what you did all day because you are just on autopilot

  • You don’t focus on conversations and you realize you have no idea what the other person said

  • You find yourself thinking of what’s next and are constantly on the move

  • You keep asking ‘what?’ because you lose focus

  • You re-read an email over and over and still don’t know what it said


Meditation guides your attention away from distracting thoughts and helps you focus on the present moment. Meditation moves you away from living on autopilot. In time, meditation calms, centers, redirects negative thoughts, and can help balance your mental and physical health.


Let go of the self-doubting brain chatter and sign-up today.


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