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Mindfully Letting Go

July 13, 2018


Let's talk a little bit about decluttering and getting rid of excess stuff that serves no purpose and doesn't really do you any good. Let's start with the kitchen pantry. This is a good place because you can usually find expired food items, foods you don't use or really want, and more.


While going about a declutter phase in the pantry, we noticed 42 boxes of tea. Various tea blends - chamomile, honey infused, sniffle free tea, Morning Bliss, green tea, black tea, Ayurvedic tea, etc. You get the idea of what this looks like. Crazy and unnecessary! What should you, would you, could you do? Declutter!


Starting in the pantry, shelf by shelf, take out all items and place them on the counter. Look at the cans, bottles and boxes. Separate the food items into these three categories: use often, don't use/need, might use/need. Get out a box or bag and put all the "will never use this" into the bag. Then wipe down the items you will use and those you think you mi