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Sharing myself with you

Hello Mindful Seeker ~

I am grateful to connect with you today. Go, grab your tea as I share with you how I came to be a mindfulness meditation teacher.

My career began in an elementary classroom. Several years later, I eased into local government, working as a City Clerk for almost 20 years. It was in 2015 that I found myself newly married for the second time and living in a new city. I had a driving commute to my job for the first time, my three daughters were in college and thriving in their own lives, and my husband was an avid golfer. While I like to golf, I think I like wearing the outfits more than golfing. So many changes and at the prime of my life?! I didn't quite know what to do with myself. It was kind of scary, in a different way, and left me feeling quite vulnerable.

So, I thought long and hard and decided to say YES to everything that interested and excited me, no matter how unsure I felt. Some of my yeses included:

  • Consignment shopping (I could write a whole blog on this subject, and I have)

  • Painting (funny how you only need to do something once)

  • Doing online classes (so many to choose from)

  • Yoga (gosh, my body was like a rock)

  • Hiking (I love being outside)

  • Walking club (I like silence when I walk)

  • Book club (I loved the group, but Audible works better for me)

  • Meditation (½ day workshop at the U of M)

The Mindfulness Meditation workshop mentioned above changed my life. I would go on to take every class I could from different instructors at the U of M. I gained a scholarship for their MBSR program and was asked to be the teacher's assistant. Through those relationships, I learned of an online MBSR program through U of Mass which I completed. I was guided to an accredited Mindfulness Meditation teacher program, completed my internship at the Hudson YMCA, and obtained certification.

The benefits of what I teach were in full force during this time. By applying the practices I learned and now teach, I was flowing into a beautiful new life. I retired early, founded Mindful Way Coaching, and sought out partnerships where I live. I partnered with like-minded businesses, using their space to share my passions for mindfulness and meditation. It was a win for all. Then the pandemic hit. And little by little, I watched (like everyone else) my classes and workshops cancel, and studios close.

I took time off to be mindful (like so many others) of my next steps. Then, I said YES to something new, rebuilding my website, and eventually going virtual with classes and coaching. Life was flowing again like the river I so often use in visual mediations - weaving over small rocks and some bigger ones, always clear and moving easily, meandering over rough patches and then smooth spots, gaining speed and slowing. Always constant but never the same.

Today, the places where I began sharing my meditation passions are opening and eager for all things mindful. I have taken over 1600 hours of nationally recognized classes/programs in mindfulness, meditation, intuition, and breathwork. Today I am teaching in-person as well as virtually. It's incredible how life can change in an instant. I am grateful for saying YES just a few short years ago and then again last year.

During these last few years, I have developed stronger bonds with friends and family. I don't deal with stuff that does not resonate easily. Work has flourished. I meet life obstacles with less resistance. My husband and I gather regularly with our five daughters and seven grands. I am blessed and grateful; my heart is full.

These are some of the gifts I have gleaned as I learn to live mindfully instead of mindlessly. Thank you for reading. I hope you find a little inspiration and a reason to say YES to everything that interests and excites you.

Chantal Marie Doriott

Mother, Grammy, wife, daughter, sister, friend, niece, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

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