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Mindful Impacts

Everything we do has an impact. The books we read. The TV we watch. The words we say to ourselves and others. Even the actions we take each day have an impact. And those little impacts stack up to consequences that can affect our mental and physical health.

One way to combat this trickle-down is to be more mindful. To practice the art of just being and bringing awareness to our acts. Start by noticing body sensations and emotional feelings when reading, watching TV, or talking to another. Pay attention to your body and how you feel will help you discern what you should be spending time on. Does the TV show you are watching make you feel good or bring on anxiety? Does whatever you are reading resonant deep, or does it bring about angst? How about the people you spend time with? Do you share values and other important interests? Are these relationships giving and joyful?

Everything we do impacts our physical and mental health. What actions will you take to make positive impacts for you? Practicing mindful meditation can assist in reading your body cues for important information. Check out our offerings to learn more. #mindfulnessmatters #mindfulways #mindfulmeditation #bigimpacts #mindfulimpacts #youareenough @mindfulwaycoaching

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