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Mindful connections

Hello Mindful Seeker

I am grateful to connect with you today. I have been taking a break, easing my obligations, and putting more care into how I show up for you.

Here are some mindful changes you will notice:

  • thoughtful blog posts each month (might be one, two, three, or four)

  • more evening meditations (I heard you!)

  • an upcoming Mindful Eating class and meditation series (during the holidays)

  • new, ten-minutes or less, meditations available on YouTube

  • new, thoughtful meditations for the membership

  • more in-person classes at the YMCA (you can always be my guest)

  • 4-week Beginning Meditation class virtually and at Healing Roots Wellness

You can learn more about these mindful opportunities at Mindful Way Coaching.

Thanks for being here on this mindful journey and for your thoughtful feedback. I am grateful to you.

Be well and be mindful ~ Chantal

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