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Chronic Anxiety

You awake suddenly and you think - something is wrong because that can only be the answer that you awoke suddenly. You start to drift into a toxic scene that plays over and over in your mind.

You leave work and hear someone walking behind you. Your heart starts to beat a little faster and harder. You start to visualize, in your mind, someone coming up to you - possibly threatening you.

You walk into a classroom and feel that everyone is watching every move you make. You can't get physically comfortable in your personal space. You might even think they are snickering or talking about you.

A friend makes a comment and you take it way out of context. You almost turn the words around so that it feels like an assault. A personal attack on you and your integrity or personality.

To understand anxiety you have got to start with fear, because anxiety is like fear run amok. You also need to know this a very real thing that many people deal with on a daily basis. Often the person knows that their thought-process is not rational but that doesn’t stop the spiraling of anxiety that ensues. Too much anxiety can rob you of your capacity for joy and safety.

One way to combat these feelings of anxiety is through the practices of mindfulness and meditation. These are evidence-based practices with many physical and mental health benefits. Connecting with your breath is a great beginning. Check out our classes to learn simple meditations and breathing practices that alleviate stress and anxiety. You'll also learn how to harness that anxiety by practicing senseful mindfulness techniques. Go to:

making it behaves. Nothing to fear but fear itself. Do you understand anxiety, you’ve got to start with fear, because anxiety is like fear run a mark. Because were such imaginative creatures we can get stressed out by simply thinking about something that may go wrong. The part of the brain that worries about a future event we’re anticipating is the prefrontal cortex, and that’s where the second pathway to anxiety starts the one that creates that flurry of anxious thoughts you can’t seem to control. Worried that it’s in the core Tres cortex

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