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Stepping into Your Own Miracle

Many people have a hard time stepping into the person they were meant to be. We get bogged down with life stuff and it quite literally can suffocate us.

This life is about you finding you. It's about defining your purpose. It's about being your best self. It's about living your best life ever. If you haven’t started then let’s get going.

Think about the life you’d like to have. If you are already living that life - expand and think beyond what you have now. Grab a notebook and let's get busy.

COLUMN 1 (List your interests and wants, even if you haven't thought of them recently.)

  • pottery

  • join a book club

  • learn to paint

  • lose 5 lbs.

  • learn to knit

  • to create free time for friends

  • plant a new garden

  • travel more

  • buy a new car

  • update wardrobe

  • take a meditation class

When you are done listing all the things you want or are interested in - think of ways you can get those things you just listed in the first column and list those in the 2nd column.

COLUMN 2 (People, places and things you can contact for info on your wants and interests.)

  • community ed, google classes around where I live to find classes near me

  • check out the local library for nearby book clubs

  • join the gym and/or start walking every single day at lunch for 30 minutes; find a buddy to partner with

  • every Wednesday at say 6PM - call someone and set up a date for later in the month

  • check out social media for events happening near me

You get the idea. One of the main issues in finding our purpose is when we don't really know what our purpose is. We don't really know what we want to do. We don't really know what our interests entail. By listing the items that interest and excite us and starting to think of ways we can get these or connect to the interests, we set the stage for these things to come into our life. We start the process of stepping into our own miracle.

If you want to learn more - sign up for our Goal Setting | Vision Board workshop or check out Coaching opportunities at

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