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Mindful Walking

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Instead of strolling around the block in a circle, try a mindful walk. You can walk around the block only so many times before you become numb to what's really out there. Broaden your horizons a bit and do a mindful walk. To begin your mindful walk, walk a little slower and become more aware of your surroundings. If you live in a winter wonderland and you're outside - pay attention to the changing snow patterns and color. If there are clouds in the sky - gaze ahead and pay attention to the varying shapes. If it's warm out can you feel the warmth through the breeze? Bring your awareness to where you are - are the birds chirping? Are there cars driving by? Are there certain air smells? If you walk near pine trees do you catch the scent of pine? Focus on the rhythm of your breathing and try to keep your pace steady and calm. There is no reason to hurry on a mindful walk. If you are inside, do the same things, paying attention to sounds and smells. Walk slowly, taking it all in through your senses, feeling with your body.

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